Flipboard officially comes to Android

It is the best ever time for Flipboard’s Google-releated announcements. The company revealed on Tuesday soon to arrive Google+ integration to the social magazine. Today, it has been officially launched. android_toc Flipboard today launched on Android OS platform Google+, YouTube and some more localized versions. The integration is also available on Kindle Fire as well as for the Nook. Users can download the app from Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Nook Store or Samsung Apps. A month ago the company debuted its official Android beta and also limited Android rollout as a preloaded app on Galaxy S III, the just released Samsung flagship smartphone. Bradley Horowiz from Google earlier told the crowd at Le Web that soon on Flipboard users can access Google+ streams. Marketing executive of Flipboard, Marci McCue, said after the official launch of the app that the company is not developing app for larger Android tablets as of now and just focusing on one step. Flipboard has kept quiet on the numbers of total downloads so far or what is the revenue made by the company after the official launch. The company said, “A lot of people are choosing us every single day, multiple times per day. This is very encouraging for us…” Do write in the below given comment box if you have downloaded the app and used it, either the official launch version or the beta one released earlier. Do share your experience.

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