Flipboard for Android updated

Flipboard has been updated to support Android Tablets as well. Previously it was regarded as a classic Samsung Tablet feature. Flipboard has been working upon providing user friendly features to its customers and with the recent updates it has become a more personalised and convenient magazine in which users can aggregate news of their choice.

It will now let its users choose the mode in which they want to operate the Flipboard. The users will get options to customize the size according to their needs with the phone as well as Tablet mode. This comes with enhanced clarity and better resolution display for storing your favourite articles and landscapes. It will also provide bigger and more impressive display.

Eric Alexander, of Flipboard said “With the new devices that Samsung, Amazon, Google and others have brought to market in the recent months, there’s a fast growing Android market. As more people buy Android tablets for themselves or others over the holidays, we wanted to make sure Flipboard is part of their tablet experience.”

The update is available free of cost.

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