Top five fitness trackers priced under Rs 5,000

“Our roundup of the best budget fitness wearables currently available”More than being a matter of personal will and interest, being fit has now become a trend. Teaming up the concept with wearables only makes the statement more literal. Wearable fitness trackers are the new in-thing, and more and more brands are venturing into the niche, trying to cash in on the fitness craze. Consequently, you can now find fitness trackers in virtually all price segments. If you’re looking for one that doesn’t dent your pocket, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the top five fitness trackers priced south of Rs 5,000.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (Rs 1,999)

Xiaomi Mi Band 2_1The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (review) has just landed in India with a hoard of features, two of them being the OLED display and heart rate monitor, which were absent in the original Mi Band (review). The new fitness band from the Chinese giant is IP67 certified for protection against water. It features an upgraded pedometer algorithm, and is now also capable of measuring heart rate, apart from recording fitness and sleep data more accurately. Talking about whether or not the Mi Band 2 is capable of providing notifications, the tracker vibrates whenever you have a new notification on your smartphone while displaying the icon of the corresponding app. The Mi Band 2 is compatible with Android and iOS, and requires the Mi Fit app to view all the tracked data and configure other settings.

GOQii 2.0 (Rs 3,999 for a 12-month plan)

GOQii 2.0GOQii was the pioneering fitness wearable brand in the Indian market, and recently launched the second iteration of its fitness band, dubbed the GOQii 2.0. The new band is now sleeker and slimmer, offers a bigger display, and is NFC enabled. While the first generation of the band required being put into sleep mode manually, the GOQii 2.0 does that automatically. The battery has been improved as well, with the band now being capable of lasting up to two weeks on a single charge. GOQii 2.0 also displays notifications too, along with providing inactivity alerts. If you don’t know, the GOQii 2.0 is a smart fitness tracker which comes with a subscription-based service, helping you achieve your fitness goals by providing you with a personal coach. The companion app for GOQii 2.0 is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Intex FitRist Pulzz (Rs 1,799)

Intex-Fitrist-pulzzz.gifThe FitRist Pulzz is the second smartband from the company and ships with a heart rate monitor, something which was missing from its predecessor. The new Intex fitness tracker can track steps walked, calories burned, distance travelled, and monitors your quality of sleep. It can be paired up with any smartphone via Bluetooth.  The device also offers notifications for incoming calls, SMSes, and IMs. Among other features, the band offers a hydration reminder alert, personal burn meter, and 3-axis accelerometer. Capable of lasting up to seven days on a single charge, the FitRist Pulzz is also water-resistant and splash proof. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the fitness tracker utilises the FitRist Pulzz app to log all data. It can be picked up in Black, Blue, Green and Violet colours variants.

Fitbit Zip (Rs 4,499)

fitbit zip

The Fitbit Zip is the brand’s attempt to make its fitness trackers available in the budget segment. The Zip is basically a toned-down version of the Fitbit One. A pedometer at its core, the Fitbit Zip is designed with a clip on its back that can be hooked onto your clothing. The device tracks the number of steps taken, distance travelled and calories burnt. However, the Fitbit Zip has no technology to track sleep. The companion app, dubbed Fitbit, is available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. This gives you complete access to the popular Fitbit dashboard where you can track your daily, weekly or monthly progress, connect with other Fitbit users and keep a track of your rank against your health buddies.  The data can also be viewed on your PC or Mac, and the tracker comes with an interesting feature of data integration which lets you sync your data to other apps as well, like MyFitnessPal and Lose It!. The splash-resistant fitness tracker is powered by a non-rechargeable battery, which can be replaced once it runs out.

Jawbone UP MOVE (Rs 3,999)


The Jawbone UP MOVE is a smart fitness tracker which can be worn either as a band on the wrist or as a clip-on accessory, just like the Fitbit Zip. The UP MOVE misses out on a proper display but does feature a set of LEDs, like the Misfit Shine. The LEDs indicate progress towards the users’ goals, activity mode, or sleep mode. The fitness tracker also in comes with a Smart Coach feature which analyses tracked data to suggest better exercise routines and diet. The Jawbone UP MOVE is compatible with iOS and Android, and can sync data with your smartphone with the help of the free UP app, by Jawbone.

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