First Windows Nokia Smartphone Leaked

After successfully announcing the first MeeGo device Nokia N9, Stephen Elop shows-off the first windows phone. However, this wasn’t official announcement. claims to have received an email containing the video of a meeting between Elop and Nokia employees. The above image is derived from the video frames. This phone which Stephen Elop showed off resembles the Nokia N9, but this runs on Windows OS. This proto is codenamed as C-Ray or probably be (Sea-Ray / See-Ray). This smartphone comes with Gorilla Glass protected screen, 8-megapixel camera with Dual LED flash and Carl Zeiss lens. Unlike the Nokia N9, the Windows Phone comes with a Camera button on the side body. Nokia is planning for more such Windows based devices other than the Sea Ray. Apparently, these devices were armed with Mango update. via[technet]

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