First Mobile TV Spiritual Channel In India

ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), in collaboration with mobile TV companies like with Apalya Technologies and Neuron Mediatech, has announced a separate channel on mobile which will be the first Indian TV spiritual channel in India. ISKCON has over 90 temples across the globe. iskcon2 “This is another step towards invoking the Lord through technology and reaching out to all the Krishna devotees spread across the globe to have a free flow access to their God, no matter where they are at anytime, on your mobile screens. ISKCON will now reach you On-Demand for we know that not everyone can come to our temples everyday but with this tie-up the temple will come to you,” said ISKCON spokesperson, Haridas Prabhuji. Irfan Khan, co-founder, Neuron Mediatech opined “We have designed rich media spiritual content based on multimedia device experience and have produced the same in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati and Sindhi. We are producing 3-5 minutes discourses for masses and will be taking these on-demand discourses to users all over the world using digital platforms. This ‘On-demand’ offering is custom made using very pertinent topics and questions that one seeks answers to.” In addition, Neuron would soon be deploying their spiritual content offerings across other platforms, as well including Internet. They are also planning to launch a dedicated IVR for spiritual content.

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