First Look: Microsoft Surface Tablet Picture Gallery

We understand that our readers have enough bytes on the topic, “the newly launched Microsoft Surface Tablet PC”. However, it is an undeniable fact that Microsoft Surface is an unique expression of entertainment and creativity. In-fact, Microsoft surprised the world by announcing the new Surface Tablet and the device loaded with Windows 8 Operating System at times. It seems that Microsoft is not ready to experiment or rather take chances with Windows 8 OS. Therefore, the company solely launched the Windows 8 OS using their own line of tablet device. The new Microsoft Surface is a half-tablet/half-laptop behemoth showcased by Microsoft Corp in California.

Surface-gallery_5 Surface-about1 (1) Surface-about3 Surface-about5 Surface-about7 Surface-gallery_1 Surface-gallery_2 Surface-gallery_3 Surface-gallery_4

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