Firefox and Tizen to dominate the Tech World

Mobile World Congress 2013 was a grand event that introduced amazing gadgets such as new tablets and phones. There was also a display of Mozilla’s Firefox OS and Tizen OS which is a collaboration of Samsung and Intel. Android has been a dominant figure in the tech world although introduced five years ago. The Android technology was employed in the iPhone and Palm’s WebOS. Firefox and Tizen-Dominate the Tech World Sources claim that Firefox and Tizen could dominate the market with the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 bonnet. Firefox and Tizen have created a smaller bond with professionals around the globe and with Windows 8 that operates with supreme versatility than earlier versions could be fruitful even in the most basic models. The concern according to sources is the ability of Mozilla to introduce many apps into a single file since Mozilla is devoid of search and mobile advertising. There are 18 handset manufacturers and carries who have contributed to support Mozilla. There are a range of new phones with Mozilla such as ZTE Open, Geeksphone Keon and Geeksphone Peek and many more. These phones do have quality features, but do not match up to today’s requirements. In United States, the Firefox OS is banking on a ‘’wait and see’’ strategy. LG was also keen on dwelling into the details of the effectiveness of Mozilla, the firm introduced WebOS when announcing a licensing deal for new merely-dead platform. LG at present is rolling out many Google TV sets, although the big picture is still unclear. With the rapid pace of Window’s 8 Mozilla is working on efficient and versatile phones in the future. The first image of Tizen OS was a significant replica of Android mainly contributed by Samsung. If Samsung finds a spot in market to compete with Android users, this could happen since Samsung has the potential to create phones with appearance to match the quality of Android and Tizen.

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