Finger Army 1942,The New game on Android

Tin Planet, the game developers have created a new game, Finger Army 1942 in the lines of their popular game Whack-a-mole with a lot of new and interesting changes. The game is available on Google Play Store, at a cost of Rs.51.73 though.


The game has a simple premise, your fight is against an army of mutated fingers, yours of course. All you have to do is whack them at great speed to stop them. Of course, to spice it up and add twists, you have to avoid the finger docs and the white flag bearing soldiers.

In the process you unlock new enemy fingers and rise in ranks, progressing to higher levels. For extra bonus points you have to crack open tins of the good soldier’s staple diet – Bully Beef.

To twist the twists further, the game requires you to steal enemies supply drops to replenish your health and take out the Ham -the field radio operator to gain extra time. Other than these, there is the Big G, the General, if you catch his hat you earn the FInger Frenzy Bonus! Other interesting characters include the Treadhead, a canon wielding menace and his big brother.

The  games features really great graphics and can be enjoyed by all age groups. It is a great game for touchscreen devices, you have to hammer the enemy fingers.

The new enemy characters that get unlocked at every level are very innovative. A great deal of thought has been given to the facial expressions that are downright amusing. The game can be quite addictive. So, happy thumping away!

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