Finally NotionInk accepts Pre-order

NotionInk’s blog garnered a cult following and the momentum was only raising till 8:00 pm. Finally, Rohan publishes a post explaining lot of things including pre-ordering, shipping, color choices, pricing. Adam will come in 6 variants: LCD (wi-fi only) – $375.33 LCD + 3G -900 series – $425.33 LCD + 3G -850 series Transflective (Wi-Fi only) – $499.45 Transflective + 3G -900 series – $549.99 Transflective + 3G -850 series Details of Pre-ordering and shipping The long-standing blog patrons will be given first priority and all those patrons will receive an email with a link to pre-order ADAM Tablet. The Pre-booking link for them would be valid for 6 hours beginning 00:00 AM December 10th 2010 till 06:00 AM December 10th 2010. After that the pre-booking will be open for everyone. Coming to the colour choices, the Default Adam comes in Matte Black Color with white strip, but this strip is replaceable (as predicted in the previous post!). “Starting Mid-Jan our partners will start shipping different colored strips and you can customize according to your own preference!” – So, if the strips will begin shipping from Mid-Jan, then we can look forward for ADAM Tablet shipping much sooner right? Sad that Rohan didnt share much details about shipping. All he said was that DHL would be shipping partner for them. Contrary to Apples and Googles of the world, ADAM decided to follow a global pricing policy where the price would be same regardless of geography..commendable! Catch more details at NotionInk blog

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