Final Fantasy Versus XIII is registered online as Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy XIII is one of the games which was worn out lately, originally the idea was to release this game together with Final Fantasy XIII. According to GamingBolt this game is registered as Final Fantasy XV on the Japanese fashion brand website Roen. Roen has designed the costume work for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and going through the company’s biography portrays that the game is listed as Final Fantasy 15. This new costume work gives this game a new feel and rhythm. Final Fantasy Versus XIII This game is not at all related to Final Fantasy XIII but the name does share few features of the mythos but takes a whole new meaning. Versus XIII is a part of a ‘’ten year project’’ called Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy when translated from Latin implies The New Tale of the Crystal. The game is introduced by the same team that introduced the incredibly popular game called Kingdom Hearts series. The game’s story revolves around Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is referred to as the prince of an isolated kingdom and protector of the last crystal. The world’s crystals are not being used and people opt for magic-technology hybrids. With his friends, Noctis defends his homeland from arch enemies who seek crystals admirably gifted power of amazing magic. Noctus also meets Stella Nox Fleuret, young women from a barbaric country of Tenebrae and his enemy. This conflict is overpowered by legends of Etro who is the goddess of  death and is worshipped in Tenebrae. Her relationship with huans enables her with magical powers to match the power of a crystal. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being developed to become a unique PlayStation 3 and will do away with the primitive turn-based battle system which favors an action packed sequence of third-person shooters.

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