Features of BlackBerry 10 devices Touchscreen L and QWERTY N-Series now public

With leaked news and information from RIM’s office, the techies are roving about the new BlackBerry 10 devices. As per the information, the first BlackBerry 10 device will have a physical QWERTY keyboard and will be named as N-Series. According to the N4BB site and the documents that they have obtained, the BlackBerry 10 seems to be the incumbent of the previous BlackBerry device known as Nevada. The touchscreen series will be named as L-series. So, in simple words, BlackBerry 10 device with a QWERTY keyboard is the N-Series and the touchscreen series is the L-Series. BBM 10 So, let’s take a look at the features of the new BlackBerry 10 devices: N-Series: The new device will have a 720X720 OLED display and a pixel density of 330-ppi which translates into a 3.1-inch screen, diagonally. Though the device will have QWERTY keyboard, the company is also focusing on the all-touchscreen device to be launched and marketed later this year. L-Series – The touchscreen device will be called the L-Series, previously known as London. The Series is going to have a 1280X768 resolution and an OLED display with a amazing display of 356-pixels-per-inch. This is translated into a 4.2 inch display. The L-series will possibly be launched by the end of 2012 and the N-Series by 2013. With these amazing features and display, RIM surely has the clear focus to give a touch competition to iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S III. The display features are surely higher and better than iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S III. As per RIM’s latest report, they will launch the touchscreen series that is the L-Series first and then the QWERTY Series or the N-Series. They have mentioned that the first set of BlackBerry 10 will be touchscreen which means the L-Series. The N-Series will be launched later.

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