Fanny Wang 3000 Series Review

Fanny Wang is a headphone company that churns out some serious headphones going against its funny name. The Fanny Wang 3000 is a full sized headphone that claims to offer premium active noise cancelling technology at a very obvious price of $300. Let us have a look at these headphones. Fanny Wang 3000 Series ReviewDesign and features The Fanny Wang 3000 has plastic finished parts with a rubbery, matte feel that is really attractive. That rubbery finish is also given to its detachable cable, which is thick enough to resist tangling and where we also find a three-button control microphone. These headphones have large 50mm drivers to give out sound, the 3000 series headphones also use a total of four microphones to optimize noise-canceling performance and this really sets them apart from other headphones. Apart from the noise-canceling circuit the headphone uses an amplifier with a bass boost option. Both the noise-canceling circuit and amplifier are powered by two AAA batteries. Comfort The ear pads have faux leather cushioning along with a good headband cushioning as well. The one down side of the design is that the padding get pressed down on usage and storage and take a lot of time to bounce back into shape that would make for uncomfortable long wears. They are not too forceful on the ears and don’t have any fitting issues. Audio performance Apart from providing a superior and high quality noise-canceling feature both passive and active, the Fanny Wang 3000 series gives a warm and strong bass. It does have a high frequency problem but can handle most tracks well, because of the nice bass and low end treble treatment. Unfortunately, it has an overall harshness with high pitches and does not provide a well balanced sound. Conclusion The Fanny Wang 3000 series headphone is a cool looking, sturdily built headphone with the best quality noise-canceling technology on its side. The price tag of $300 is indeed reasonable for such a pair, but not for the sound quality it has.

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