Facebook releases Share Button for Android, iOS

Facebook users can now experience easy sharing of stories from their news feeds on their mobile phones. The social networking giant has released new feature for the Android as well as iOS devices. Facebook-share-button Now users of iPhone, iPad and Android devices can simply click on the “Share” button to share any news feed easily. It will be reposted on their timeline. This “Share” button was in news as rumor for quite some time. Experts who saw it earlier say it was at a testing phase. However, there exists some differences between the new Share button and giving a story a “Like.” The button actually reposts the content to the users’ news feed. The button also helps users to add comments to the story when they post it. Facebook developers believe this new button will help stories to be spread throughout the social network quicker, much faster than what it was earlier, via a mobile device. It is learned from critics and experts that similar feature on Twitter inspired Facebook to add such to its mobile apps and also to website. The Twitter feature was much accepted and popular. It simplified sharing with mobile phones. Now users no longer have to try to copy and paste content to share, which is very difficult on mobile phone. Do drop your own voice in the below comment box about this new feature of Facebook. Moreover, is Facebook copying Twitter now? Do share your views with fellow readers.

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