Facebook on every mobile phone on the planet – thanks to Gemalto

Gemalto is a leading player in the digital security space and offers ranges of products and solutions such as Smart Cards, SIM solutions, E-passports, and Token based security solutions. Gemalto announced during the opening day of Mobile World congress about “Facebook for SIM” – a solution that enables every mobile phone on the planet to enjoy the Facebook services. Doesn’t matter which mobile phone you are using. Doesn’t matter if you dont have any data plan. You can still access facebook services! mark-zuckerberg-oil-painting “Increasingly people want to be able to stay connected and communicate with their friends on Facebook anytime, anywhere,” said Henri Moissinac, Head of Mobile Business, Facebook. “Gemalto has developed a creative solution in Facebook for SIM that enables people without mobile data plans to stay connected to their friends on Facebook in an affordable way.” Basically, Gemalto has embedded the facebook software in to the SIM Module. The solution allows any mobile phones with a valid SIM to access facebook friend requests, status updates, wall posts and messages. The biggest benefit seems to be this. No data contract required from the operator and No application needs to be downloaded or installed. “Facebook for SIM enables operators to leverage two of their main assets: the SMS to communicate with the web application and the SIM for application distribution to the masses,” added Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice President, Gemalto. “Over 200 million people already use Facebook on handsets and those are twice as active as non-mobile users . By providing anytime, anywhere availability to the social network, Gemalto delivers on the growing demand for mobile connectivity all over the world.” This should be a good news to operators as well. Now they can offer some value added service to the users with most basic of mobile phones too! Via Gemalto Press release

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