Facebook Messenger to add read receipts and location notification features

facebook-messenger-app-ios-02[1] Facebook is certainly a lot in the news these days with its new Messenger app for the iPad and plans of introducing video chatting capabilities to the Messenger app for the iPhone. And now, Facebook has introduced a new feature on its Now, Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android, which will let you known if your message has been read by the recipient. Also, it will also tell you when the friend you’re chatting with is typing and even where he/she is typing from.  The basic idea behind these new features has been inspired from real life conversations where the recipient of your message gives you a visual signal that they have received your message and have initiated the process of responding. So the read receipt feature will indicate to you whether your recipient has received your message, and whether they chose to ignore it. You will also be able to see the name of the place where the sender of the message is located, provided they have turned on their location services. This means that you can no longer use the classic excuse for ignoring someone’s message- “I didn’t get it”- which helps you back out of awkward and unwanted conversations. But if you use BlackBerry’s BBM or Apple’s iMessage you’re probably used to this setback already. Being on the sending end is not pleasant either- hoping that your recipient will respond and seeing that the message has been read and not responded to is an almost pathetic feeling! Apparently, these features will first be available only on the mobile versions, i.e., the mobile Facebook Messenger apps only. Only after that will the update appear on the regular Facebook mobile application and the browser interface.
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