Facebook Messenger Gets More Transparent for smartphone users

The popular networking site Facebook is increasing the functionality of its Facebook Messenger by increasing its transparency. So if you are avoiding a person’s text message that person will know all about it.  You will be able to see who’s reading your text messages and will know a person’s location and when they are typing. The newly added “read receipts” feature will help you in knowing who has read your text message by displaying names of those people. This feature is also applicable to group messaging. These updates will first be implemented in standalone Messenger apps for Android and  iOS phone. After that these updates would feature in the main Facebook  mobile applications and finally in its website. If you are eager to know more about Messenger service  here is some information to help you do so. Messenger lets you send text messages, pictures etc to a friend or group of friends. Its importance is that it sends messages instantaneously and also gives you the time and the location of the sender. Also your talks with friends are saved if you are moving to a web interface from the Messenger. For those who don’t use smartphones can also reply to messages  by activating Facebook texts by confirming their their mobile number. Facebook sure is improving on its mobile apps for smartphone users. This is being done to counter competition from other social networking sites like Twitter. The purchase of Instagram and Glancee are steps in that direction. So happy Facebooking people.

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