Facebook Messenger For Apple Users; Now Call Facebook Friends For Free

Hong-Kong based developer CrispApp has introduced Facebook Messenger — a voice chat application designed to extend Facebook’s communications functions for users on iPhone, iPod Touch or the Web. Facebook Messenger allows users to call their Facebook friends for free, connecting millions of Facebook users through VoIP so they can easily talk to their Facebook friends, regardless of location.  Additional features allow users to send pictures, browse message history, view a friend’s wall, use emoticons, receive instant replies with Apple push notifications, and setup sound notifications and multi-tasking support — all right from within the app. “Facebook Messenger delivers a new dimension to the traditional Facebook experience, offering users an easy, direct and robust way to communicate while online, wherever they are,” said Mac Goldberg, vice president, CrispApp.  “And, future updates to the app, including video capabilities, will greatly enhance users’ interactions and social experiences.” The application is available on the Apple iTunes App Store for $2.99.

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