Facebook iPad App getting ready

Apple released iPad way back in April 2010 and till now facebook has not released an official app for iPad tablet that can give a great tablet experience. Facebook has been postponing the effort and wanted to launch a HTML5 app that will work on any operating system irrespective of Android or iOS. Looks like, Facebook has been working behind the scenes for almost an year to launch an app that provides an awesome experience on iPads. This project is internally being called as “Project Spartan”.

Facebook was quick to launch an app for iPhone when the appstore officially opened in 2008, but wasnt so when iPad launched. The app has been going through lot of internal design and technical iterations inside facebook campus. The person who has been closely associated with this Facebook app commented that Mark Zuckerberg is very much personally involved with this project and is involved in design and technical details.


Someone who got a chance to see this app is in complete awe and said this facebook app for iPad is very slick and that the photo and video experience is amazing and offers full-screen optimized experience. Facebook iPad app will allow users to upload photos and videos directly to facebook account through iPad. Almost every feature of Facebook has been tweaked, optimized and enhanced for iPad experience.

It’s expected that Facebook app for iPad will be available in Apple appstore in the coming weeks. Apple is planning to prominently feature this facebook app on its appstore when launched. Apple is believing that this facebook app alone can give a great boost and impetus to the already successful iPad sales figures! Well, iPad users definitely have something to look forward for 🙂

Via Newyork times

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