Facebook has qualified to be the most used Mobile App in US

Facebook ever since its launch has thrilled millions and has revolutionised the networking industry, which is currently qualified to be the most popular mobile app in US. The fun and most popular app has overtaken Google Maps in October 2012 and has landed this prestigious spot during the end of last year according to information from the comScore Mobile Metrix. 0123-facebook_full_600 The Facebook app enjoys a strong foothold in 2012 with an impeccable record of 85.5 million monthly users in U.S during the December period across many popular and high resolution phones of Android and RIM’s mobiles and the statistics reveal a massive increase in December from only 65 million in March, according to the information from the first tracking mobile app data the figure was 65 million. Google Maps and Facebook were dominating the app industry through the entire year. Google had launched a new Maps app for iOS 6 in the mid-December period and according to the VP of industry analysis at comScore, the figure is expected to progress as the user number is increasing significantly although it is still not visible whether the app will make its way to the top spot. Facebook app has the largest consumer usage and demand. According to information from comScore, Facebook’s app contributes 23% of the time on mobile apps while Google apps contribute only 10%. Facebook besides functioning as a powerful and popular social networking site have transformed its cravings to the app world as well. Using Facebook apps the user can stay connected with friends anywhere, and the mobile app also makes logging into the website more flexible through just one click, you can also receive message alerts with greater ease. This app is also beneficial when you are alone in a location and want to chat with somebody. Hence the Facebook app deserves to acquire the top spot.

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