Facebook Field testing all new about page

The crew at Facebook are all busy with ongoing field testing of the new design of users’ About page. The redesigned About section will now feature larger images and larger icons too. Part of the redesign also includes more customization options on the page. Apparently this new design page will be available to all users who have the latest Timeline design. likes_071048328020_640x360 This new design will be one page long only and will also have a section bar at the top of this page. Visitors who are viewing your profile can scroll or jump to a particular part or section by simply clicking the tiles on the bar, which means no hassle of going through main menu mazes. Sections for Open Graph apps has summarise all the user activity recorded on the website which is akin to the known Pinterest. Inside Facebook has presented screenshots of the all new ‘Friends’ page also. Even the thumbnails on the page appear much larger and are more visible to read. There is also a navigation bar at the top, using which a person can view his/her friends from the list, like most recently viewed friend pages. Various categories and classifications found on Facebook can also be viewed here. Even ‘Likes’ page has received a makeover and now has bigger and more prominent photo thumbnails and there is a navigation bar here too for easy scrolling. This new design lets users customize and even highlight parts on TV shows, music, movies and books and will also content used using Open Graph apps like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify and Goodreads. There is also the introduction of three new categories called “Want to watch”, “Want to read” and “Want to listen”. These list users can view suggestions of movies, TV shows or books to add and even customization of user preference is also possible. With the new About section even third party apps can be added on, so there will be more synchronization. This new News Feed will be unveiled today and contrary to the Timeline which has received minor changes, this one is one of the most altered parts of the site. Presently, Facebook does not have any more on its agenda to do, revamp and update. The first improvisation to the News Feed came in September of 2011, which made sure users were able to easily view updates from friends. Facebook then went on to making another update in November in the same year, by way of a ‘Sort’ button through which the user can arrange in what order they view highlighted stories and recent stories. At present Facebook wants the highlighted feeds to appear first. The News Feed even when set in backwards order cannot match the Ticker feed. Facebook sort of achieved the quality of the Ticker feed with its previous ‘Top Stories’ and ‘Recent Stories’ tabs found above the News Feed page. This was possibly the closest Facebook has gone to measure up to the Ticker feed.

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