EyeVerify Security App that scans your Eye

An eye for an eye. Your phone is a keeper of your secrets, secure content like messages, emails  and pictures. Preservation is everything, and more than that, invaders are unwanted. Lock codes, and pass secure apps are good, but how about a high tech, more sophisticated, more accurate, and more reliable? Eyeprint security app is one that seeks to make these asks possible. What it does is it snaps a picture of the veins in your eye, and uses is as a type of screening. EyeVerify-620x431 This meets and surpasses the challenges presented by Android face unlock. This new app takes on security at a whole new intense level. Eyeprint, is an in-development app from EyeVerify utilizes the veins located at the corner of your eye to identify using this uniqueness. So once the user’s eye is scanned, processed, and saved, those who are not a match will be barred from accessing the phone. Needless to say, this app works better using a front facing camera that has a minimum of 2 megapixels in order to snap a clear image for proper processing and identification. If you have to, use your rear more powerful camera and the app will guide you with its spoken commands directing you to position your camera in the right way. The app works well. Contrary to what presumption, it isn’t one of those apps that do not work as per what it claims, for instance those lie detector apps, which are a real fraud our opinion. This app scans the corners of the eye where the vein outlines are most defined and unique so as to ensure the security feature is fool proof.  EyeVerify is looking to sell the service to app developers or phone manufacturers who want to use this scanning system for their hardware or software.

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