Extended Warranties provider SquareTrade drop tests the new iPad

There’s a long waiting list for owning the new iPad. People are crazy about this next generation tablet from Apple. However, one company caught hold of 3 new ipads and was  busy drop-testing the new iPad. Yes, there sole intention is to drop the new iPad from as much height as possible and see how much it can endure. Check out the video below to see what happens to the new iPad and how it fares the drop test. Be warned..highly graphical content 🙂


The new iPad is slightly heavier because of the heavier battery and the dense hardware packing. The additional weight causes the new iPad glasses to shatter much more than the glasses of iPad 2!

BTW, squaretrade is a company that specializes in providing extended warranties to the electronic gadgets. Extended warranties cover your gadgets even after the manufacturer warranty expires and in some cases cover your gadgets against clauses that are not originally covered by the manufacturer. For example, Apple does not cover accidents [accidental drops, liquid damages etc.,] However squaretrade provides a risk cover to your gadgets by accepting a warranty fee.

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