Explore and Share – New way to share content between devices

Engineers at Nokia Research center has successfully demonstrated a cool way of sharing content between devices at high speed. The new technology called as ‘Explore and share’ is based on radio waves and allows easy transfer of apps, music, games and any other files to your smartphone without you requiring to plugin the handset to the computer. To give an idea, it takes roughly 10 seconds to download an entire album to your handset through this approach. How this works? Your handset has to be placed on a device called as “writer”, which in turn is connected to a touchscreen monitor. As soon as the handset is placed on the “writer”, it recognizes your device and immediately pairs up your handset with the “writer”. The touchscreen monitor then shows the content relevant to your device (based on the model). You can then browse through the content and do actions as you wish such as download, buy, etc., The data transfer happens through short-range radio waves. This a working prototype and may take a while before it reaches the commercial circle. One use of this concept might be in “retail stores” – ala kiosks – Where one can download and configure their handsets as soon as they buy. Overall, It’s an interesting idea.

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