Evzdrop & Minecraft-Pocket Edition Update

Bored? Wondering where to go this weekend? The Evzdrop app will help you in selecting a place to hangout. It is a social networking app which provides you with information about certain places like restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Apart from this, we are also going to review the update available for a game called Mine craft-Pocket Edition. EvzdropEvzdrop Imagine you’re sitting at a restaurant. You like the ambiance and the overall setting of the place. You like others to know about this place. What do you do? Well its simple-use the Evzdrop app. This is an app which allows the users to know what is going on at different places based on the updates provided by people present at those places. This app helps the user to find interesting places or places which are popular among people by simply looking at the status updates. Word of mouth proves to be the most effective form of advertising and this app applies that concept using the social media platform. It can be used by businesses to attract potential customers by providing details regarding their location and also other information such as special offers. This app can be downloaded for free. Although this app seems to be quite interesting, it shares similarities with other apps such as Foursquare and Yelp. Mine craft-Pocket Edition update This mobile version of the popular PC game continues to add more features making the game more similar to the PC version. The game is all about exploring a world, fighting off monsters, building castles and homes. When the mobile version of the game released, it only allowed users to build things but not fight monsters. The last update introduced survival elements in the game like the need to eat food. The latest update adds more signs, craftable armour, improved sky graphics and introduction of baby animals. This is a game for those who love to build things and explore an imaginary world.

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