Evolution of Global Android(ism) from Oct 2008 – Jan 2011

Google Android OS, from its debut in the market it is progressing to the heights. In the last quarter of 2010 Android surpassed the Symbian, Windows phone, Apple iOS, RIM Blackberry OS and others in the smartphone market. smartphone_sales The user friendly interface and the adequate updates maybe the one of the reasons for opting Android OS. On the other hand there are many a competing applications available in the Android market for users. Android smartphone buyers are almost getting all the firmware updates and version updates one or the other day. It’s not too big amount to shell to experience Android OS, in today’s scenario an Android powered smartphone available from a price tag of Rs.6550/- android1 There are large group of users who are using the Android OS. Smartphone manufacturers are also keen in adding Android OS to their new smartphones. Taiwanese based smartphone maker HTC will prefer Android OS, however they have a Windows phone line-up too. Samsung, though it has an proprietary BADA OS (Operating System), it gave enough room to Android and its record selling Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S is an Android powered, the new successor Samsung Galaxy S II is also pre-loaded with Android OS. Followed by the same strategy LG is cooking up the stuff with Android flavor say for e.g. LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus 2X, LG Optimus 3D and etc are all pre-loaded with Android OS. Motorola too, this could be the first one to get the Android OS designed for tablets v3.0 Honeycomb. Down-the-line the existing smartphones for e.g. DEFY and upcoming smartphones Motorola Atrix, Motorola BIONIC etc are lined up under Android bandwagon. However, there are a few Smartphone makers to get enlisted in this. The below video illustrates the arise of Android OS activations around the world. In the recent times, Nokia ruled out the idea of adding Android OS to their mobile phones. Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop clarified it will opt for Windows phone and not Android. Blackberry has no idea so far. via

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