Evernote for Android updated with improved tablet UI

Evernote is becoming more tablet friendly. Yes, the Evernote for Android app has undergone redesigned interface with its newly released version 4.1. evernote for android The updated version of Evernote for Android app features new home screen from where you can easily and quickly access your old notes or create a new one. It facilitates swipe gestures for navigation across the app like making the note list full screen with just a touch gesture. Also, the new tablet interface of the app includes a list of view so that you can quickly see the basic information about the group of notes. The new interface of Evernote for Android app is much cleaner now with more polished look. Now tablet as well as smartphone Android users can take advantage of the new sublists feature of the app in adding additional levels of numbered or bulleted in the notes. The slideshow feature of it has also been improved for looking at pictures embedded in notes. A tech site Andriodpolice writes that the old interface of Evernote app was good, functional and intuitive, but the new interface is better and even more intuitive. The swiping-style layout is fantastic in the new version of Evernote for Android. Evernote for Android 4.1 version app is free and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Do write below sharing your experience with this new version of Evernote for Android app with your fellow readers.

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