Evernote For Android Gets Major Update

After announcing a major update to its Windows version, the popular note-taking service Evernote has announced a ‘Huge’ update for Android. Evernote has added sharing, organizational features, improved text editing, security options, new views, a revamped widget, and tons more. “This is the first time that Evernote has crammed this many great features into a single release of any Evernote product.” ever Whenever someone shares a notebook with a user, the user can choose to link it to their account. Now, Evernote for Android lets users browse through any of these shared notebooks. Not only can users view shared notebooks, but they can also edit notebook contents if the individual sharing with the user is a Premium subscriber. This feature turns Evernote into a great mobile collaboration tool. To access shared notebooks, tap on the new Shared icon on the Evernote home screen. The user will see a list of shared notebooks that they have linked to their account. Tap on a notebook to view it. If the user would like the notebook to sync whenever Evernote syncs, then they can choose the Sync option. Premium feature: For a Premium subscribers, when they tap on a linked notebook, they will be presented with the option to take the notebook offline, allowing them access it when they don’t have a network connection. Keep in mind; it’s possible that the owner (or someone else) will edit the linked notebook while they’re offline. Those changes will show up the next time the users syncs. In addition, users can now easily post any single note to Facebook or share the note with other apps (including Twitter), right from their phone. To share a note on Facebook, users will have to open the note, tap on the menu button and choose Post. The user will be asked to sign into their Facebook account and then they will be able to share the note. Users can also share a single note with other apps that they use, like Gmail or Twitter. To do this, users will have to tap the Menu button, then tap More and choose Share. Users can now search within any notebook that they’re viewing. Also, whenever a user is in a notebook and they can create a note, the note will be placed into that notebook. Now, Evernote for Android lets users create a notebook whenever they like. To make a new notebook, users will have to tap on the Notebook icon on the app’s home screen. Next, tap on the Menu button and choose the New Notebook option. If users would like to rename a notebook tap and they can hold on the notebook name in their list. This update also includes improved support for Notebook Stacks. When viewing their notebook list, users can collapse stacks to hide notebooks they don’t need. Tap and hold on a notebook to either move it into an existing stack or to create a new one. If users have GPS-enabled on their device, then Evernote will capture their location whenever they create a note. In addition to mapping notes, users can also add location data to existing notes. New Premium feature: PIN Lock: users can now lock the Evernote app with a PIN. Whenever the user returns to the app, they’ll be asked to enter their code. This feature allows users to still create quick notes via the widget, even when the app is locked – they just won’t be able to view or search their notes until they enter their PIN. The Evernote widget got now lets users quickly jump into the app to create text, audio and snapshot notes, as well as to perform searches. Evernote has also made interface improvements by putting more info on the home screen and Tag hierarchies — nested tags created on the desktop will now appear in the users tag list.

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