Evernote Food app for iOS gets an upgrade

Evernote, the famous recipe app has upgraded its app for iPad users with lots of personalized user friendly services. The upgrade promises to take the customer experience in recipes and restaurants to a whole new level of satisfaction.

The new upgrade will let its users discover new recipes. It will provide them access to lots of famous food blogs as well. Users will get an option for creating a personalized cookbook as well where they can note down the recipes of their choice.

With new recipe apps providing innovative and extensive range of services and features, Evernote has launched this upgrade to gain an edge over its competitors.

During holiday season this app offers an extra advantage of locating restaurants nearby. This is a feature that is loved by travellers because it comes in handy in situations where we are in a country where we cannot talk in the native language.

In order to cash in the holiday season, Evernote is releasing an iPad version of the updates as well. The next logical step for Evernote would be to provide the upgrade to its Android users as well.

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