Enjoy Hinglish with Nuance Communication on your keyboard

Nuance Communication has launched an innovative next generation of Swype to help you all to enjoy the information technology in a better manner. Swype will now empower you to use the Hinglish language that is a sophisticated mixture of Hindi and English. Swype is basically the learning, living, touch input keyboard software that has a good track record in the past. imagesSwype is quite an innovative interactive program that will enhance your texting options in a better manner. Hinglish words like Chai, pani, desi, garam, etc can easily be typed straight away and with ease. Swype’s database consist of thousands of words (including words in latin script as well) in English and other languages. This is somewhat a smart user interface to help user to enhance their interaction with the people. This software also allows you to become more personalized with the social environment. Nuance has taken help from its renowned XT9 portfolio, which is certainly among one of the finest option we have around us. The multi modal keyboard feature is again pretty useful in Swype. People will love to type each letter in this software. “People use their keyboards every day in every way, so input needs to be fast and simple and with the growing popularity of Hinglish as the medium of communication in India, we are proud to introduce Swype with Hinglish support,” said Sunny Rao,  Managing Director, India & South-East Asia, Nuance Communications.

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