Enjoy Blackberry 10 with fancy photo editor

download (2)Get ready to enjoy some more fun with Blackberry 10 as they will come up with a fancy photo editor soon. This photo editor empowers you to distort the images in a funny and stylish way. Lots of amazing features has been attached to it. If you are interested in playing with photographs, then this software is certainly among the best one we have before us. This fancy photo editor comes up with a user friendly interface. All the stuff has been properly filled in it and you wouldn’t find any problem in tackling it. You can easily load images from your SD card or camera. The part of the image you want to distort can easily be selected and worked upon. The multiple effects features are also pretty decent and you would love to hang on to them. Once you have edited your image, you can easily share it on Facebook and other social networking sites. This match of Blackberry 10 and photo editor will definitely go a long run and it will satisfy all your urge. This photo editor is compatible on all the devices that has OS 5 and above. You can find this photo editor on Blackberry App World. It is really easy to download and install. Lots of livery effects have been added in it that you will love to enjoy in time to come.
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