Engineering students from Kerala develop simple solution to prevent car-jacking

Most of the complex problems in the world, as perceived by the human brain, has simple solutions. But most of the time, we tend to overlook the simplicity and seek the complexity. One of the nagging crimes in the society is Car-jacking where you car is stolen by a thief. There has been many attempts to prevent it. Engineering students from Kerala college Chitra Thirunal Engineering college have developed an indigenous solution to prevent car-jacking using a simple equipment and making use of your mobile phone.

The solutions works like this. A small device worth Rs. 2,000 will be installed on your car. The device can make and receive calls. The device can interact with Car systems and can detect when the car is started and the device can even block the ignition and disable the starting mechanism. Once the device is installed on the car, whenever you or someone attempt to start the car, the device will make a call to your mobile phone. If you are away from the car and if you receive a call, you are sure that someone is trying to jack your car without your knowledge. All you have to do then is to make a call back to the device. That’s it. The device will automatically block the ignition. Only you can unlock the ignition! Simple and neat!

The solution will be available commercially very soon. There are only two ways in which this concept will fail. One, if you leave your mobile phone inside your car Smile. Or if someone takes away your car at the gun-point!

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