EA introduces list of free games for SimCity owners

Sim City is a popular mobile game for people of all ages to enjoy an amazing relaxation period after a hard day’s work. Sim City had to register an online requirement and EA had announced that it would be rolling out free games from its catalogue to anyone who had registered SimCity to their account before March 26th. According to The Verge EA announced the list of games which can be accessible to SimCity owners who could choose their free game. Gamers can cash in on their free game before March 31st. simcity game The options in SIM include cheaper casual and big AAA titles. Gamers can pick from eight titles such as Battlefield 3, Bejeweled 3, Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter Edition. The list goes on and on and for those excited there is a selection of great games from casual and advanced level gaming. Many gamers have complained about SimCity since its launch in North America during the beginning of the week. EA said that the main cause is ‘’server instability’’ caused by many players. The company has since then working to introduce additional servers online. SimCity is the newest game in the city-building franchise and is an enjoyable game to create your own house settings. The game will be introduced from start withdrawing some complexities in the previous game including difficulty in building underground things such as subway systems and water systems. A new feature in SimCity is the game’s theme on multiplayer which is a new feature. When you play a game, you will have to first pick a region to build a city and other players can join you in your locality and build cities on empty city areas. This game is an excellent medium to provide knowledge on various forms of architecture.

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