Dual sim mobile market- Clash of the Titans

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Nokia C1-00 Vs Samsung E 1252 alias Guru 26

U-P-R (User Point of Review)

In Indian market there are literally n-number of Dual sim** mobile manufacturers. But if we take a closer look at all the brands (except Samsung & Nokia), we’ll find the same kind of hardware and in some cases same software too. Moreover, these phones were too clumsy to handle and operate. So Samsung started began this great idea of Dual Sim mobile phones including GSM+GSM(Samsung E1252 Guru Dual 26, Samsung B5722, etc) and even GSM+CDMA (Samsung Duos 259, Samsung W259, etc) too. Samsung made break-through in giving its customer feature-packed Dual Sim phones with sturdy hardware and software too. After about one and half years of research, Nokia too planned to enter Indian market where they are the market leaders. Recently Nokia launched its own dual-sim handset in the form of C1-00 after seeing the success of dual-sim phones from micromax and other indian manufacturers. Today, we will pitch the best dual-sim phones from nokia and samsung against each other and see who comes out as the winner.

So its face off time to give you U-P-R i.e. User point of Review for Nokia C1-00 Vs Samsung E 1252 alias Guru 26


Dimension wise both phones are comparatively equal but Nokia C1-00 comes with matt finish with some curvy edges but bulky while Samsung E 1252 alias Guru 26 comes with glossy finish, slim design with some attractive dotted texture on back panel. Nokia has used the same design which is out-dated by two to three years. On the other hand, Samsung has given a very classy new edge designs. So it’s biggest turn off on design by Nokia. Keep in mind the design makes the first impact in the minds of customers.

For Design:  Nokia 2/5, Samsung- 4/5

Functions & Features:

Nokia C1-00 is powered by S30 operating system while Samsung is powered by Java-based proprietary operating system. Nokia offers the same old functions availabled in earlier basic color display handsets while Samsung is offering some attractive features. Guru 26 has 262K Colors 2.0 inches TFT display which is quite attractive but C1-00 has 65K Colors 1.8 inches TFT display which looks so dull and old styled. Guru 26’s display is much more crispier than C1-00.

Guru 26 has some cool functions which give you promising performance right from the start of phone, its multimedia phone like multi-function, smart idle mode. In smart-idle mode custom functionalities like favorite contact (for both call and messaging), short-cuts, dual clock, etc can be set. Function and handling in Guru 26 is great while in C1-00 is quite dull and old-fashioned.

For Functions & Features:  Nokia 3/5, Samsung- 4/5

Phone & Messaging:

Samsung Guru 26 has 1000 phonebook memory while Nokia C1-00 has 500 phonebook memory. Both the phones have same call records memory- 20 for each of Missed, Received and Dialed calls. Guru 26 additionally shows up message records in recent call list.

For messaging section too Guru grabs the trophy with 1000 message memory compared to C1-00’s 500 message memory. In today’s texting world it’s a great take by Samsung to attract youth.

For Phone & Messaging:  Nokia 3/5, Samsung- 5/5

Battery Backup:

Nokia C1-00  users 1200 mAH battery while Samsung Guru 26 uses a 1000 mAH battery. So Nokia C1-00 has up to 1152 hours battery backup where Samsung Guru offers only 625 hours battery backup. Talk time for both handsets are Up to 13 hours and Up to 11 hours respectively for Nokia C1-00 and Guru 26. In terms of Battery, Nokia grabs the top-spot marginally. For Battery Backup:  Nokia 5/5 Samsung- 4/5

Dual Sim** Function:

Coming to main section in these handsets i.e. Dual Sim** Function. Actually there’s a lot of confusion around the term dual-sim. There are few variations such as Double Sim, Dual Sim, Dual Standby and Hot Swappable etc.,? What exactly they mean? Let’s have a look.

Double Sim: Can hold 2 SIM with only 1 SIM being active at any point of time. User has to chose which SIM will be active at the time of powering up the handset. If user has to switch to other sim, he has to re-power up and select the SIM of his choice again. More recently, there is a possibility to switch SIM through a long-press of a button.

Dual Sim Dual Standby: Holds 2 SIM. Both of them will be active at any point of time. When the user is on call with SIM1, and if someone tries to call SIM2 then the caller will get ‘Busy’ tone. There wont be any intimation about the call to SIM to the dual-sim user.

Dual Sim Dual Active: Holds 2 SIM. Both of them will be active at any point of time. When the user is on call with SIM1, and if someone tries to call SIM2 then the caller will get ring tone and the dual-sim user will get ‘call-waiting’. So the dual-sim user can place the call on SIM1 on hold and can pick up the call on SIM2. (call & msg)

Hot Swappable: 2nd SIM can be removed/changed without the need to remove the battery. Therefore there is no need to switch of the phone while changing the sim in the second slot. (Nokia C2-00 is a dual-sim dual standby hot-swappable phone).

Now that we are clear with the terminologies, lets go ahead and analyse the phones. Nokia C1-00 is solely a Double Sim mobile phone while Samsung Guru 26 is a Dual Sim Dual-standby phone.

So, C1-00 allows only one SIM to be active at any time. Meaning only one SIM will be handling both incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages. To get other sim activated user has to long press ‘*’ button to switch over from Sim1 to Sim2. (Mobile phone geeks, you might know some years before china made Dual Sim strip available in the market which has same function like this Nokia C1-00.)

On the other hand, Samsung Guru 26 which is Dual Sim Dual standby phone offering you both the sim active at a time. You can receive phone calls and messages on both the Sim cards. At time of calling or messaging Sim need to get selected; this is done by simple key switch given alongside of the phone. Only at a time of phone call another sim gets de-activated temporarily. Also Guru 26 has facility to swap from Sim1 to Sim2 on pre-programmed time for specific time period. So, for example you can instruct your phone to use SIM1 during day time and SIM2 during night time! So, in terms of dual-sim functionality Samsung scores big!

For Dual Sim** Function:  Nokia 1/5, Samsung- 4/5

Overall Score:
Nokia C1-00 – 2.5/5
Samsung E1252 alias Guru 26 – 4/5

So it’s a case of clear knock out for Nokia C1-00 by Samsung E 1252 alias Guru 26. Samsung Guru 26 emerges as the winner.

For complete specification of Nokia C1-00 click here, and for complete specification of Samsung E1252 alias Guru 26 click here.

Ruturaj Vaidya

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