Dual Painted Tunes earphones review

The Dual Painted Tunes earphones are rather a curious pair of earphones that come not only with a street price tag of just $20 but also in a plastic paint tube packaging rather than a box. Now you might ask, what is the connection between paint and headphones? Well, nothing much actually apart from the fact that these earphones are available in very bright and vibrant colors like the passionate red or sky blue. The color you choose will make for its outer packaging of paint tube as well. Now, while the headphone company Dual has invested a rather off-beat idea in its earphones’ presentation, has it invested the same kind of unique thought on the overall quality of the pair? Let us take a close look to find out. Dual-Painted-Tunes-Headphones-HF200-Review-headphonesDesign and features When design is concerned Dual has done an eye-catching job by providing various vibrant shades of earphones, but apart from that the Painted Tunes also come with an iPod or iPhone friendly in-line mike that is rather useful. The paint tube packaging that the Painted Tunes come in serves both as storage as well as a carry case, and it is really convenient to carry it during public transport and travelling purposes. The earphones also come with a flat-designed cable that is tangle free as well as three different-sized sets of silicone eartips. Fit and comfort The Dual Painted Tunes earphones offer a very secure fit and do not just drop out of your ear canal with head movement. Rather the earphones sit firmly in your ear canals during the music listening sessions. However, they cannot be termed as comfortable as they are secure; then again, at its price point the secure fit is well appreciable. Audio performance When it comes to sonic quality, the Painted Tunes do not do justice to most of the tracks. The major reason behind this is its overwhelming bass output. A greater bass could actually pump up the sonic experience sometimes when served with balance, but the Painted Tunes’s rather overpowering bass makes the rest of the sound effects rather clumsy and distorted. This is definitely not what one would ask in a pair of headphones or earphones. The other important factors of good quality sound, which consists of a nice mid-range and treble handling were also disappointing as they seemed to be lost somewhere under the dominance of its bottom heavy bass. The overall sound quality though loud was not clear as the bass kept on suppressing all the other sound effects of music. Apart of sonic quality, the painted Tunes offer average noise isolation going against the high claims of excellent noise isolation by its maker. Conclusion Although the Dual Painted Tunes earphones offers secure fit and come in very trendy colors along with a street price of $20, they have rather low quality sound. As the first and foremost requirement of any headphone or earphone is a pleasant overall music experience, the Dual Painted Tunes performance is under the mark. Moreover, there are a lot of earphones available in the markets, which offer great sonic quality at around the same price point. The Painted Tunes are thus, just good to look at and not hear.

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