Dropbox for Android Now Backs Up Video Streaming, Korean Language

The novel Dropbox for Android provides support for streaming video, making it simpler for users without a lot of local storage to simply enjoy video recordings on their Android devices. According to the reports, the newly added video streaming function works only on Android 4.0 devices. That means approximately 7% of Android users are capable of making the most of the novel trait. dropbox For others, the update adds Korean language backing, and the capability to automatically transfer pics as well as video recordings (which really was in a former update, but is still in the application’s “What’s New” segment in Google Play). The video streaming potentiality works comfortably and streams different file formats. The application also backs MP4, M4V, and MKV video recordings among others, so users can likely use the application program to stream any video they contain. Users can still transfer the video files in addition, should they wish to. The novel trait is beneficial for HTC One series users who obtain an additional 23 gigabyte of Dropbox storage, and Samsung Galaxy S III users who bag an additional 48 gigabyte of cloud storage. Users having HTC One series smartphone will find it helpful as they do not have any storage upgrade choices beyond the integrated storage. Whilst a few users might have the Dropbox storage for video recordings, they must watch over their data proposals if they plan on st

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