Draw Something Replaces Angry Birds Space As Top iPhone App

draw-something Draw Something, Zynga’s social gaming phenomenon, may have already seen 20 million downloads in five weeks and also grabbed the top spot on Facebook Connect, but it has now claimed the throne of the top iPhone app by ousting Angry Birds Space from the competition. Only last week, Draw Something listed first on the free app charts on both, the iPhone and the iPad. However, it still ranked below Angry Birds Space in the paid section. Check the iTunes store now and you’ll see that the situation has changed dramatically. Angry Birds Space now trails Draw Something as #2 in the paid section. Moreover, it seems that Draw Something is still gaining users at a steady rate, so we may soon see it grabbing the top spot in the iPad section as well. Draw Something, created by OMGPOP, and has been downloaded 50 million times in just 50 days. Zynga, the highly successful social gaming company, acquired OMGPOP last month for close to 180 million dollars. The company announced that the figures have a common tale to tell- Draw Something is the fastest growing mobile game of all times. The game is pretty simple and resembles Pictionary in some aspects- Players challenge each other to draw pictures of close to anything using their fingers. And then the completed picture is given to another player who has to guess the object or person depicted in the picture. At peak hours, players sometimes generate over 3,000 drawings per second. The free version has ads and users can get the ad-free version for just $0.99. For Zynga, that is 180 million dollars well spent!
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