Draw Something mobile drawing game gets social sites and chat update

Draw Something got an update. This time it goes more social. The 50 million downloaded app is just a step ahead of its more and more popularity and success with chat and Facebook/Twitter sharing now embedded into it. draw-somethingDraw Something is a mobile drawing game app and henceforth it will allow its users to save and share their scribbles on Twitter and Facebook on iOS with short messages attached on it of up to 100 characters. The Android version will be getting the social feature soon, says industry sources. Vice President and GM of Zynga Mobile New York Dan Porter said the new features embedded into Draw Something are about reinforcing the social relationships. The quick popularity of Draw Something mobile drawing game is its focus on communication and not on competitive gameplay. The app was released this year in March and within 50 days it has seen about 6 billion drawings and fifty million total installs. On the day of its launching around 3 drawings were seen per second. During the peak time around 3,000 drawings were seen per second. Presently the popular words on the app are Picasso, arena and Aardvark. —————————————- Draw Something Replaces Angry Birds Space As Top iPhone App —————————————- Zynga acquired Draw Something for $180m on April 4 when its 50m milestone was announced. Currently the app has got 36.4m monthly active users, reveals Facebook app metrics site AppData. According to Porter, Draw Something is dynamic based on with whom its user is playing and moreover it is personal and will continue connecting to people.

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