DoT makes it essential for mobile phones in India to display radiation levels: Report

With the users health in mind the the Department of  Telecommunications has decided to impose rules for mobile phones and towers regarding the emission of radiation from them. These rules will become effective from the 1st of September, 2012. With these rules it will become mandatory for mobile phone manufacturers to display radiation emission levels on the phones and also on the retailing outlets. The radiation waves emitted by the phone when it is in use are absorbed by the user’s tissues.  Radiation emitted is measured as  SAR(specific absorption rate). Radiations emitted by different phones is different. The SAR limit set by DoT for all mobiles to be sold  in India from September onwards is below 1.6 watts/ kg (W/kg). Research has proved that higher levels of SAR cause life threatning diseases like brain cancer etc . Hence the government has made it obligatory to sell the mobiles only within the SAR limit. Also a hands free device will accompany mobiles as it will reduce direct contact with the phones and hence limit SAR exposure. Due to this the mobiles from now on will cost you Rs.400 more. Also radiation emitted by towers are to be reduced to one tenth of  existing level of exposure. The tower companies had applied for a change in this norm but the government has rightly rejected it. This new set of rule will stop the entry of Chinese phones in India which though being cheap have hazardous radiation levels which have proved harmful for the users in the past. This move has been welcomed by people at large.
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