Does Frequently charging your mobile phone depletes battery life?

You would have heard often that charging your mobile phone very often tends to deplete the battery life faster. Once the battery life is depleted, your phone wont last for even few hours. You will then end up charging more often than before. Sometimes, you leave the phone charging the entire night and within few days you observe that battery life gets depleted very often. Is this the case still? Fortunately not.


The latest smartphones comes with better batteries and better handling of overcharging. The newer batteries comes with a integrated circuit that prevents this battery drain and the so called memory effects on the batteries. So when you leave the phone charging for long duration or very often, the circuit will come into play and ensures that the battery life is not drained and the memory effect does not kick in. Also, the latest smartphones comes with cut-off mechanism triggered by software which detects if the battery is fully charged. But you have to be still careful with charging at locations where there are frequent voltage fluctuations.

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