Does consumer really wants so much schemes?

If you are following us from quite a few days, you must have noticed our coverage through cellphone operators. Even we were amazed to notice the frequency of mobile schemes being launched. Mobile telecom companies keep on changing their recharge plans every now and then. Especially if you are a prepaid customer you will be screwed up following the schemes and all. Telecompanies do this for two simple reasons:

  • To give the competitive prices
  • To seek consumer attention
The question comes, do the masses like it. Trai has presently come out with a consultation paper that takes a review of measures to protect the interest of consumers in the telecom sector and the straight answer which comes out is “No”. Telecom Users Group (TUG) says that the large number of plans being offered by the mobile companies are not easily understood by the common consumers. “The number of plans should be restricted and made simple to be easily understood by all consumers,” said TUG. “This is a classic example of too many choices confusing the customer. At any one time not more than ten plans should be on the offer for consumers to chose from. If there is a need to add more, then correspondingly some have to be withdrawn making sure that those customers who had opted for them are not disadvantaged,” said Consumer Care Society in its response to Trai. First the huge count of service providers, then the categories like Full talk time, SMS pack etc and then different plan for different circles. It has to be confusing. So all we need to say is “A word to the wise”.
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