Digiflip Pro tablets first impressions: Intel-powered and pocket-friendly

“The new league of Digiflip Pro tablets from Flipkart offer some meaty hardware specifications along with good styling and  impressive price tags”

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Online megastore Flipkart has recently launched its very own brand of tablets called Digiflip Pro, starting with the launch of the XT712 (Review|Unboxing and First Impressions) slate in India. The tablet portfolio has just gotten a boost with the addition of a slew of new Android-based slates, with display sizes ranging from 7-inches up to 9-inches, in partnership with Intel. All these new tablets are powered by the latest generation of mobile Intel processors and offer impressive hardware specifications while being priced competitively. We got a chance to go hands-on with these devices during the launch event that took place in Delhi. Despite the colourful lighting totally unsuitable for photography, we’ve managed to get a few images, and here are our first impressions.

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Flipkart has gone with a more conventional approach for styling its new products and has offered three entirely different products at varied price points. First up, the ET701 is the most affordable Intel-powered tablet available today in the market, but despite that, looks more premium than what other products in the same price band tend to offer. The lower price has its limitations in the selection of building materials and the ET701 is built using plastics at the back and glass on the front. On the sides, there are chrome trimmings that add a bit of flair to the design and make the device look reasonably good.

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However, the XT811 and the XT911 look even better. The XT811 is a 8-inch slate built around a unibody design and offers a body fashioned out of metal and glass. The device is slim but not lightweight, though the 8-inch size coupled with slim bezels and an overall sleek design does the job for the device and imparts a good look overall.

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The XT911 is the most impressive tablet of the lot and features a glass sandwich design, with the use of metal in the centre for added durability. The glass substrate that has been used on these tablets is not  Gorilla glass, however the availability of glass itself bodes well as it is much more resilient to scratches as compared to polymer-based substrates. Apart from these unique characteristics, all tablets feature a flush front design with the Android keys being offered as a part of the user interface itself. All the devices comes with memory card slots which are open and prone to being exposed to dust and humidity.

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The XT811 and the XT911 offer single-SIM based connectivity with data and voice-calling facility. Both tablets have SIM trays on the side, and can accommodate micro-SIM cards. If you are not keen on the 3G variants, than Flipkart also has Wi-Fi only variants of the 8-inch and 9-inch tablets available, with the other specs remaining the same.

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The ET701 is the smallest member of this new Android tablet family, and comes with a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, while the XT811 comes with an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1.280 x 800 pixels. XT911, the biggest member of the Digiflip Pro tablet family comes with a 9-inch, full HD 1,920 x 1,200 pixel display. While the resolution offered by these IPS-LCD based displays is good, the quality of the visuals were affected by the funky lighting at the venue, therefore we can’t really comment on the same right away.

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In terms of hardware specifications, the ET701 tablets run on a 1.2 GHz Z2520 Intel dual-core processor, however the XT811, XT911 and their Wi-Fi only variants come powered with Intel’s Z2580 chips clocked at 2GHz. Along with this, both ET701, XT 801 and XT811 come with 1GB of RAM while the XT901 and XT911 offer 2GB of RAM. Internal storage on the ET710 is pegged at 8GB, while the others come with 16GB of onboard storage, along with the option of adding another 64GB via microSD.

For imagery all the devices feature cameras both at the front and at the back as well. However the ET701 manages to get a VGA front-facing camera along with a 2-megapixel rear camera, but the XT 811 and XT911 offer 2-megapixel front-facing cameras along with 5-megapixel sensors at the back.

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All this hardware makes the tablets zippy and fun to use and we are confident that they would be able to do justice to most present day apps with ease. Having said that, we would still like to reserve our judgment for the detailed review in the coming days.

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