Dexim AV dock for your iPod/iPhone

Buying an expensive Apple device doesn’t stop there. We always want more by way of accessories and enhancements and these are usually very pricey, the good stuff anyway. Other smartphone docks are normally priced within Rs.10000/-. JBL, Bose, iHome have cost us more than that ten grand mark, we’re talking about roughly in the past three years. So that’s why we think the new Dexim AV dock that is offered with remote for both Apple iPod and Apple iPhone which priced at just Rs 3,899/- will get your attention. Dexim AV dock iPod iPhone The Dexim AV dock is more than just a single piece of dock, you need a television connection for video playback and a home theatre or speaker connection for audio output. This dock is also compact and user friendly, with comfortable buttons that we’re used to seeing in more expensive docks, take away the speakers. The design and body of the Dexim AV dock is wholesome and complete, and will compliment your other gadgets. The device comes in a matte finish, making it scratch proof and makes it look more serious rather than flashy. The dock comes with a four sponged rubber-silicon bottom, to maintain grip and give it firmness of position. The AV Dock Station has an iPod- and an iPhone-compatible audio/video TV dock, a wall power supply, composite AV cables, an infrared remote control, and eight dock adapters which will ply with both iPhone models and recent iPod models supporting all devices of today, excepting the iPhone 5. The dock can connect to the television or any other video viewing device through a component video output which is responsible for the 720p video playback that the dock is capable of, however the final visual quality is dependent on your display. There are no complexities in the audio connection making it ultra easy to plug to a home theatre or a set of portable speakers, so long as the speakers are digital sound supporters. The dock also comes with a remote control which is easy on the fingers, with soft buttons and appropriate size. Functions like skip, play/pause and volume control work easily and responsively to your iPod or iPhone. However, the main key is incorrectly placed on the extreme upper left hand side of the remote, which makes users accidently press other buttons which interrupt the play. After all, a remote is meant to be operated with the feel of the fingers and without having to peer at the keys. The Dexim AV dock also does well for syncing files with the computer directly through the USB cable to transfer files onto your system. The device also has a mini HDMI output and users buy a mini to regular HDMI cable and hook it up with an HDMI compatible device such as a media station or an HD projector. Our review might leave you uncertain, especially with the fact that it’s priced at Rs 3,899, though take it from us, this dock is worth it. It gives you the feel of having a little station of parts to make up a composite whole and is great for when travelling.

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