Denon Globe Cruiser AH-W200 earphone Review

There is a latest trend going on in the headphone market that involves introducing some or the other new technology. Denon has really made its own place in this trend with its latest line of headsets. Denon has recently introduced the new AH-W200 Globe Cruiser Bluetooth earphones that are aimed to bring a new level of convenience and freedom to wireless earphones. Denon has embedded hardware and controls directly into the AH-W200 Globe Cruiser’s earpieces which has creating a feature packed, self sufficient sound reproduction at $180. denon-ah-w200-globe-cruiser-wireless-in-ear-headphone-full-front-left-and-right-610x403-c As any new device has some or the other obstacles that it needs work, it is really a big question, whether or not the entire technology that is stuffed in those small earpieces would really work. Moreover, in order to come up with innovative technology, is the most important factor of sound quality being compromised on? Let us take a brief look at these pair of wireless earphones from Denon. Design and features The W200’s design is rather bulky and really different from the others in the market. However, the headset does not include the rather irritating blinking LED lights of the early Bluetooth devices. The earpieces are made of a thick mold of curved plastic decorated with a silver reflective plate and capped with a rubberized control button. The W200’s hardware and controls are all packed into the earpieces themselves, with the right earpiece taking most of the package. Fit and comfort The W200 takes some time to fit properly and gives considerable amount of comfort once in place properly. However, these are not for long wear. Performance The AH-W200 has a premium quality sound with much depth and detailing. However, the earphones have the problem that bugs most wireless headsets, connectivity issues. It also has short range that makes it really sad. Conclusion While the signature sound is appreciable, Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser really has to work on a lot of things.

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