Demystifying: Apple iPhone 5C/5S deal from RCom

Apart from the device users will be getting unlimited calling and data as well

Telecom service provider Reliance Communications is the only telecom operator in India who is offering Apple’s latest smartphones, the iPhone 5C, 16GB and iPhone 5S, 16GB as a bundled deal. While opting for this, users would get the device as well as voice and data usage at a subsidized price of Rs 2,599 for the iPhone 5C and Rs 2,999 for the iPhone 5S , month on month. This would continue for a period of 24 months following which users would be free to choose their plan as per need. RCom deal1.png But it’s a competitive market and everyone is out there to earn and same is the case with reliance, so even though the plan might sound lucrative enough there are a few things that you should be aware of before getting in a contact.

How much will you pay?

RCom deal As a part of the iPhone deal, RCom is offering two main offers for the users. First and foremost users can get the device under a 24 month EMI of Rs 2,599* for the iPhone 5C and Rs 2,999* for the iPhone 5S with 0 upfront payment, while both the devices will come with 16GB onboard storage, this includes cost of the device and usage benefits. Secondly users can also go in for a full upfront payment of Rs 2,499 / 2,999 x 24 months and get the device along with the voice and data bundling for 24 months. *Amount includes bank charges. While sweetening the deal RCom will offer additional Rs 6,000 as discount to users who opt for upfront payment bringing the cost of the iPhone 5C to Rs 56,372 as opposed to Rs 62,372. Whereas for the iPhone 5S the price would be Rs 65,980 in place of Rs 71,980. For higher storage versions users would be required to pay an upfront amount of Rs 11,600 for the 32 GB iPhone 5C. While the 32 GB iPhone 5S comes with an upfront payment of Rs 10,992 and the 64GB variant comes with Rs 19,992 as upfront payment.

What all will you get?

Despite of the fact that the cost of the devices has been increased under this offer, but RCom deal is ultimately a value for money offering for iPhone fans in India.

Apple iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5C, 16 GB has a retail price of Rs 41,900 while under the deal RCom will be charging Rs 2,599 x 24 = 62,372 including usage and bank charges. While many might contest that the cost is higher RCom would end up charging Rs 20,472 which comes to roughly Rs 850 monthly for unlimited data, calling as well as messaging. Similar plan on RCom would cost Rs 1,499 + taxes monthly. So basically RCom is also charging 50 percent of the regular tariff under this offer, while offering better benefits than Airtel. Users would get up to 6,000 minutes of calling value along with 3,000 SMS and unlimited 3G data usage without any fair usage policy associated with it. Airtel’s best offering for iPhone 5 comes at Rs 1,000 + taxes and offers 1,500 minutes of talk time, 600 SMS and 3 GB of 3G data. Here’s the comparison chart between the iPhone deal from RCom and iPhone(s) purchased from market along with unlimited usage telecom plan-

iPhone RCom Deal

Operator locked devices?

Contrary to the common notion, devices that are being offered under this offer would not be locked to Reliance as a telecom service provider. What that means is users would have the choice to be on RCom’s network or to walk away even during the term of 24 months. Once the user moves out they would no longer get the tariff benefit. While users can avail the tariff benefit on any other smartphone as well if not on the iPhone device.

How can you get one?

Learning from the past, RCom has tied up with credit card companies including Citibank, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered to offer EMI option to users. Companies will block the amount in their credit card so basically users would end up paying the whole amount, only in EMI’s. And users will have to pay the amount, even if they decide to get out of the contract.
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