Dell Product roadmap leaked. Smartphones and Tablets for 2011 are lined up

Dell was pretty much absent and invisible during the recently completed Mobile World Congress 2011. Many were wondering what they are upto? Looks like they have much bigger plans and they are waiting for opportune time and bigger stage to announce them. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Dell’s roadmap was leaked and landed into the inbox of AndroidCentral folks. There are two roadmaps – a smartphone roadmap and a tablet roadmap. Let us go through the roadmaps in detail. dellslide-windows7-business dell-2011-smartphone First up is the Dell 2011 Smartphone roadmap. As you can see above there are 3 new products and 1 product upgrade due for 2011. Dell Venue and Dell Venue Pro are shown as the top of the list, but they are pretty much available in the markets. Venue Pro MLK is the next generation of Venue Pro and will undergo additional improvements and enhancements. Dell Wrigley is a Windows Phone 7 smartphone with 1 GHz Processor, 4 inch WVGA Display, 8 mega pixels camera and 720 p HD Video recording and playback capabilities. Dell Wrigley is marked for Q3 2011 release. A product to be released in Q3 2011 and not having dual-core smartphone is pretty boring. Next up is Dell Hancock (not the superhero) is an Android Powered smartphone, except that this will be powered by Android Ice Cream version and this is probably one of the earliest icecream smartphones announced. Hancock comes with Dual-core processor, 4 inch qHD Display (960×540 resolution), 8 mega pixels rearfacing camera, 1.3 MP front-facing camera, 1080p HD capabilities. Hancock is due in Q4 2011. Last in the roadmap is Dell Millennium, an android icecream powered smartphone with dual-core processor and a 4.3 inch qHD display, 8 Mega pixels rear facing camera, 1080 p HD and DLNA. Millennium is superior to Hancock because it has slightly larger display and DLNA capabilities. Millennium is due for Q1 2012. dell_android_roadmap Next in the line of leaked roadmap was the Dell Tablet 2011 roadmap. Dell essentially plans to 3 variations in display sizes. 5 inch tablets, 7 inch tablets and 10 inch tablets. Finally Dell has woken up to 10 inch tablets. The product ranges under 5 inch tablets are Dell Streak 5 (32 GB) and Dell Opus One – Honeycomb powered 5 inch tablet. It’s becoming a fashion to pick up names from movies such as Transformers. LG has secured optimus and Dell is going for Opus one. Under the 7 inch tablet range, Dell is probably planning to upgrade the existing Dell Streak 7 to higher version of android operating system such as Gingerbread. We have three new devices called Dell Streak 7 MLK – android powered, Dell Sterling – Android honeycomb powered, Dell Silver Oak – Android honeycomb powered. Not even a single Windows powered tablet under 7 inch category. Are windows Phone 7 not optimized for 7 inch screens? Under the 10 inch tablet range, we have 3 devices that are all new. Dell Gallo is Android honeycomb powered tablet. Dell Gallo MLK would be the upgrade for Dell Gallo with handwriting recognition. We have two windows tablets called Dell Rosemount, a windows 7 powered tablet and Dell Peju a windows 8 powered tablet. At this point of time, we dont have much information about Windows 8 Operating system, but it is certain that around 200 engineers are busy working with Windows 8 operating system that will be optimized for Tablet experience. That is a big roadmap and a mouthful of devices from Dell. Let’s hope we get to hear more about them in the coming days. Via Androidcentral

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