Deal Alert: Buy Portronics Mojo for Rs.659 from ShopClues

Portronics Mojo is a very glossy, sturdy and solid handset charger with an in-built torch boasting 4 flash indications. This exciting charger is highly convenient, charges handsets very speedily, simple to operate and hold. Portronics Mojo functions on the Li-ion rechargeable batteries and is too simple to manage. It is really helpful for those emergency situation when you out on the town, at an event, or just because you constantly forget to charge your cell phone. shopclues-portronics Key features of Portronics Mojo are as follows:

  • Recharging worldwide through USB anyplace, anytime
  • Handy rechargeable torch with 1W light-emitting diode
  • Additional vivid torch with 4 levels of brightness comprising standard, strong and flash
  • Offer up emergency charge for devices including handsets, music players, iPods, iPhones, gaming consoles
  • Simple to utilize by pressing a small key to have an immediate access to instant battery
  • 4 phase charge level indicants (25% -50% – 75% – 100%)
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery, which charges the torch as well as emergency charger
  • Very convenient and easy to handle
The main technical details of Portronics Mojo comprise:
  • Brand : Portronics
  • Model : Mojo
  • Input Voltage  : 5V 500mA
  • Output Voltage  : 5V 650-750mA
  • Battery Capacity  : 2200mAH Lithium Battery, 1000+ charging cycles
  • Torch/Signal LED intensity  : 95 LUX, Protection against over-charge, over-discharge and short-circuit
  • Size  : 23x23x129mm (Torch head: 29mm)
  • Weight  : 90g
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