Dead Trigger 2 launching for Android and iOS on October 23

MADFINGER Games, the company behind the highly successful third person shooter SHADOWGUN and the first person shooter Dead Trigger has officially announced that the Dead Trigger 2 is arriving for Android and iOS devices on October 23. Company has stated in the press-release that the game will be free to download and play for Android users but will offer optional in-app purchases just like its predecessor.

Dead Trigger 2

For those unaware of the series, Dead Trigger is basically a first person zombie shooter game for mobile devices using developed Unity3D game engine with immersive graphics. The first edition of the game was one of the highly pirated games on the Google Play Store and then company decided to offer it for free for the Android users.

Dead Trigger 2 Game Play

The second edition of the hit FPS zombie game comes with new areas to explore, better graphics, bigger zombie monster enemies to kill and a new game play where all have to work together to save the human race and the planet. Company has also released a new trailer for the game which surely indicates something bigger is coming next month for the mobile gamers.

Dead Trigger 2 Graphics

MADFINGER Games claims that the Dead Trigger 2 comes with enhanced graphics which will surely push the boundries of graphics quality on the mobile devices. Company has enhanced the visuals in the game by Realistic Water Reflections, Dynamic Shadows, Dynamic Grass and Dynamic Light projector effects using the extra special capabilities of the Unity3D game engine. As we have mentioned above, it will be a free to play game and there will be no premium content or weapons in the game to buy using real money. Watch the trailer of the Dead Trigger 2 game in this YouTube Video.
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