DailyObjects Custom Cases: Adding ‘personality’ to your devices

The mobile devices we own and use daily, do not have unique identity as several hundreds of users just like us use them. To give them a unique identity, we can get a designer case which also helps protect the device. Along with all this it lends a certain appeal to the smartphone or tablet. Recently custom cases have become popular for the simple fact that it allows users to decide how their device should look like. We recently got a chance to review one such a custom case from DailyObjects.com and here are our thoughts-

Simple three step process

Three step process The process of getting a customized case from DailyObjects is very simple and intuitive. Let us walk you through the same as we design a case for our iPhone 5 smartphone-

1) Select a device

Devices for Custom Cases Since the cases are specially made for a device with cutouts for ports and buttons, the first step is to select the type of device. Unfortunately, there are limited number of devices for which you will get the cover as of now. These include popular ones like Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, BlackBerry Z10 and more.  More devices are likely to be added to the list.

2) Pepping it up

Choosing background This is where you can really get creative. The interface gives you complete freedom to add a custom background and/ or upload a background image. You can keep the background plain or choose any colors across the whole spectrum. You can also add any image on the case.

3) Personal Signature

Text Till now, you have personalized case for your mobile with a background or an image or both of you choice. Apart from all this, your favorite quote which always motivates you, your name or your nickname can also be added to it. You can easily add any text with all the formatting options to set its color, font, size and position.

The Technology

Usually the custom cases looks like a sticker has been pasted on them or the custom design is transferred onto them, which does not last long. The custom cases from DailyObjects, on the other hand, utilize a technology called Micron Transmat Thermal Technology (MT3). It prints the design permanently on the case resulting in a long lasting print. It also offers high level of detail making it look just like the real picture.

Our Take

As promised the case arrived within two days of placing the order. It was very neatly packed inside a compact box. DSC00831DSC00832 The case is made of polycarbonate plastic which gives device an additional protection, without adding bulk. This protection ensures that the device can withstand minor falls and also removes the chance of any scratches that might arise due to normal usage. DSC00836DSC00837 Moving on the customization part of the case, we must admit that the print quality is definitely impressive and detailed. Here are some of the images of the case that we got customized with our Logo- DSC00839DSC00841DSC00838

Introductory Offer

The cases are priced attractively at Rs 1,499 for mobile phones and Rs 1,999 for the tablets. The website is also running a limited time Introductory Offer for the cases which gives flat 25% discount on the price. To get the discount users can apply ‘CUSTOMIZE25’ coupon code during checkout and get a personalized case for your device at discount price!
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