Cwicket – Voice based Cricket Game

Even when the developed nations and the rest of the world are finding love with ‘data’, India still embraces ‘Voice’ strongly. Cricket is the national game and Cricket is a religion in India. So, Nikhil Soman (Ex-CTO of Reliance entertainment and was in-charge for Bigadda and Zapak) has combined the two strong culture of Cricket and Voice and created this voice-based-cricket game called ‘Cwicket’. cwicket-slider-promo Dialify the company behindCwicket has launched this game through Reliance Communications. Dialify specializes in social games and Mobile VAS. So, how do you play this game? There are two steps to this. First, you need to register to play the game. Reliance users need to call 505101065 and subscribe to this game. The subscription cost for this game is Rs. 15. Users will get 100 minutes of free playing time. Once the user is subscribed he has to choose his team from 10 different options available such as Chennai Super Annas, Bangalore Techies, Princess of Patiala, Rajputana Royals, Cochin Kutties, Deccan canons, Mumbai Locals, Pune Peshwas, Delhi Durandars, Delhi Kolkata Kite Flyers…basically in-line with IPL Team names. I must admit the names are very creatively modified and adapted 🙂 Now you are part of a team. You can choose to play the game in English or Hindi. You would be taken through voice commentary and once the commentary gives you an understanding of the match situation in your mind, you must decide to play the shot. You can play 9 different shots. The shots can be chosen through keys 1 – 9. Each key will allow you to take the shots such as leg glance, square drive, straight drive, leg pull, hook etc., For every game that you play you will be credited 1000 points. For every six or wicket taken you will be awarded 100 points. For every win you will be awarded 400 points. You can use these points to redeem gifts, free hits, power plays, power bats, upgrades in the virtual environment. The game environment is very well mapped to the real life. You get to play home-games and away games. The game gives almost the same feel like stickcricket but comes with nice audio commentary and you have to play through dialing. You can listen to the audio commentary here. (courtesy Medianama). Cwicket-Introduction-MP3

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