CQ Accessories: Simplicity merged with utility

Simplicity can never go out of style for whatever the object is, since simplicity is borne by efficiency. So also in case of gadgets. In trying to come up with the most powerful and most fast and most efficient and recording a name in history of having created something unprecedented, gadgets which are ultra useful are given the backseat. 01122013_cq2 CQ is a fairly young company embarking on already tread terrain, but have managed to bring on a flourish of new turf. Here are some of its accessories. The AirGuard case. This is a standard case made to endure impact through its rubber body. Made for the iPhone, it comes with ridge-like cavities to lessen the impact on unwanted contact with the ground or any other hard surface.  The ridges over the case also add to the comfort in holding your weighty iPhone when on a call or when otherwise handling your pricey device. Now, the real key of this case which places it in a new level as against innumerable number of cases we’ve already seen is that it has a magnetized socket found on the back of the case which firmly attaches itself to a magnetized caribiner clip or lanyard (two separate packages include one or the other) when in proximity of it. A tiny level releases the phone from its grip. Familiar concept? Yes, like the  lanyard, that wraps around your neck, and on its one end is your phone tightly in grip. Further it let’s you comfortably read texts, snap shots, or compose messages without having to remove it. These kinda products cannot be said to be outdated for the most important and sole reason, that at that time, the gadgets itself were too heavy to endure the accessory and to conform to your comfort. Another reason is that through a magnetized link it is possible to easily hold in place and release your device without both hands. CQ has yet another product in its profile which is the Zipline iPad case. Its  deceptive visuals make it look like a regular folio case,however it has within its body some fine technology. Within the outer layer of the frame is a  magnetic piece of fabric which can be used as a sling to holster your iPad like a handbag. When not lugging it around the straps trendily goes back into the case the last portion being held in place through a magnet, the process being without any fuss.

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